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Canadian Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 

Tile & Grout Services


If you’re looking for a whole-home cleaning solution, Canadian Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning offers ceramic tile and grout steam cleaning, replacement and repair for your home or business. Let us renew your grout and tile to their original splendour!


High-Pressure Encapsulated Steam Cleaning

Because we use an effective, high-pressure, encapsulated, steam cleaning method; tile, grout and caulking should be inspected to ensure existing damage is not exacerbated. With high-pressure encapsulated steam cleaning, we are able to effectively steam clean your tiles and grout without the over-spray or mess commonly associated with commercial steam cleaning, as our steam cleaning jets are “encapsulated” within the vacuum head. The extremely hot water (over 250 degrees Fahrenheit) is immediately sucked up and away from the surface, leaving the surface not only clean but sterile.


Grout Repairs & Replacements

Have cracked or chipped tiles or grout? Canadian Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning does repairs and replacements to extend the life and beauty of your tiles. As certified specialists in grout and stone care, we are able to deliver professional results for your grout and tiles. With our re-grouting service, we can replace your bathroom or kitchen’s unsightly grout and caulk. One of our specialists will come to remove the old, crumbling or missing grout and caulking; and then re-grout, re-caulk, clean and re-seal your grout and tiles.


Colour Seal for Grout

Is your grout discoloured? We can revitalize your existing grout by using our colour-sealing method, which enhances or even changes the colour (whether lighter or darker) and protects the grout from deterioration. Colour sealing also allows for easier maintenance, as it fills in the small pores that attract dirt and mould. Our customers love Colour Seal, as it keeps surface grout clean and free of microorganisms. Colour sealing provides years of protection from fungi, bacteria and mildew that so easily form in your bathroom’s warm, moist air. Colour sealing is permanent, meaning you won’t have to do an annual application as with most store-bought sealers. It has concrete hardeners that bind to the grout and are not easily removed. Colour Seal is perfect for the home or business owner looking to increase the value and esthetic appeal of their property.

Call for In-Person Estimate

Call us today for an in-person estimate on your tile and grout needs, including : steam cleaning, repairs, clear sealing, Colour Sealing and caulking. Hard surface estimates are only available in person, so give us a call now!

tile and grout cleaning
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